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January 12, 2023, State Senator Joni Albrecht announced she will be introducing two pro-life, NFA-supported bills to protect unborn children and support pregnant women and families in Nebraska.

At a press conference in the Nebraska Capitol Rotunda, the NFA team joined Senator Albrecht and a large group of pro-life senators, medical experts, and other supporters to unveil plans to introduce the Nebraska Heartbeat Act, which will protect the lives of unborn babies by prohibiting abortion when a fetal heartbeat is present.  Click here to continue reading. 

Nebraska Family Alliance summary and complete language of the proposed bill, click here.

NEBRASKA PRO-LIFE LEGISLATION- LB626 While we at Nebraskans Embracing Life support the proposed heartbeat legislation to restrict abortion because it reduces legal abortion from 20 weeks to fetal heartbeat, we cry out for the innocents who are not protected in this bill or other state law. Abortions from rape, incest, *health of the mother, in vitro abortions, contraceptive abortions, unethical bio research abortions, human cloning, or any other abortion is always gravely immoral, and murderous, and never acceptable. We appeal to law makers and to the citizens of Nebraska to recognize the dignity of every human person inside or outside the womb, from the moment of conception. Jesus Christ Himself was only days from conception when John the Baptist leapt in the womb of Elizabeth at His presence in the womb of Mary. We evangelize chastity, family, Church, and community with lifesaving witness to these truths, in order to reduce abortion and build up the Kingdom. Our support of this legislation in no way condones these most common abortions exempted with this proposed law. We pray this bill will become law and be strong enough to stop surgical and prescribed RU486 abortions, and we pray for better legislation to follow that will finally end all abortion in Nebraska, and beyond.

*Ectopic pregnancies and other serious conditions which require a physician’s intervention are not intentional induced abortions; “health of the mother” is a clever lie to commit abortion. Pro-life doctors state pregnancy is a normally healthy condition which never threatens the life of the mother.


Please help to make Bellevue, Nebraska a Sanctuary City for the Unborn where surgical and prescribed chemical abortion will become illegal. We need to obtain 7,800 signatures of Bellevue residents, at least 18 and registered to vote. Contact our office to obtain your petition!  402-399-0299   We need 150 Volunteers to obtain 50 signatures!  

  More information: Comprehensive plan