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Nebraskans Embracing Life statement on a post Roe V Wade Nebraska:

“We enthusiastically support the Supreme Court ruling to defend and affirm sacred human life in the womb, our highest responsibility as American citizens, finally overturning the unjust Roe V Wade ruling from 1973.  

At this time let us redouble our efforts to support pregnant mothers.  Across Nebraska, there are over 50 primary pregnancy resource centers which offer extensive pregnancy counseling, information, material support, testing and referrals for a wide range of services, to meet every need such as shelter and medical care. Thousands of trained and experienced counselors, social workers, medical professionals, and church leaders are prepared to offer immediate support for motherhood, family life, or adoption. 

Most Nebraskans support the moral quality of education which encourages abstinence and precaution over permissive, immoral, and promiscuous sexual activity that spreads STDs, impedes emotional health and development, attacks the monogamous ideals of marriage, and offends the decency of a traditional familial culture of life and health consistent our Nebraska values.  

We encourage the safety that chastity and abstinence provide, also safeguarding marriage and family, which is healthiest for minds and bodies. Pregnancy is a natural human condition. Abortion is not health care and it violates the sanctuary of a mother’s womb. Americans in the womb should have the same right to life as Americans outside the womb, regardless of gestational age. 

Contraception interferes with the unitive and procreative intent of a Godly marriage, and most forms are abortifacient; please encourage the vast majority of contracepting couples to end abortion and improve their marriage by ending their use of contraception. Eight In-Vitro fertilization abortions occur for every one brought to term.  Telemed abortions are never safe and should be outlawed.  So called “emergency contraception” is extremely hazardous to a womans body and lethal for a conceived child as an embryo unable to implant. Jesus Christ Himself was days from conception when John the Baptist lept at His presence in the womb of Elizabeth at the visitation of Mary.

We must charitably witness these great truths about the sanctity of life to our neighbors, friends, coworkers, businesses, and people in the public square.  We must help our youth, our children, and the children of this culture to turn from death, towards life!  As you witness to life, planting the smallest of seeds of truth, or follow up with a friend in compassionate service, it is you who will save a life today!  We must remain vigilant with each legislative office in defending against the incessant actions of the culture of death, as we live and boldly witness the sanctity of human life without compromise and in our common faith.

Please visit https://nebraskansembracinglife.org/pro-life-directory/ for a complete list of pregnancy resources including hotline numbers for immediate counseling for mothers in difficult, yet not insurmountable situations. Abortion is never an answer for a mother and baby in need, and must be recognized as the crime it is.  Let us protect human life from conception in every circumstance, without exception. 

We encourage pregnant mothers and those who are close to them, to seek healthy alternatives and explore options which protect life in the womb, from whence we all came.  We pray for unity in Nebraska to continue building a culture of life which supports chastity, mothers, and respect for marriage and family life; we encourage evangelization and fervent prayer, as we implore our trinitarian Godhead, in full surrender with the holy angels and saints, led by the mother of our savior, to transform this culture of death with the conversion of all hearts to the sacred heart of Jesus.”