Pro-Life Essay Contest

Pro-Life Essay Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Pro-Life Essay Contest and recipients of the Ann Marie Bowen Scholarship:

Tessa Malesker, La Vista, NE
Ben Kamrath, Columbus, NE

Here are their essays explaining why they are pro-life:

Why I Am Pro-Life

I grew up learning in my home and at St. Gerald School that all lives matter. A baby is alive in the womb from the moment it is created on that first day. Physical characteristics of this baby aren’t even seen yet, but the spirit of this child has been created. This beautiful, perfect, blameless child should not be killed at the hand of another. Furthermore, to be pro-life means supporting any and all life that will come into existance. It means supporting all life, from the unborn baby to the handicapped and elderly needing extra assistance. As a supporter of life from natural conception to natural death, I believe in helping the unwanted, injured, hurt, and lonely of the world and especially support the living babies in the wombs of women.

So much focus with pro-life is on the unborn child, as this group especially has no voice but us to speak for them. I acknowledge that there are unplanned pregnancies that happen, but this does not take away from the responsibility to acknowledge the life the woman now carries in her womb. With options of adoption and other support systems available, it is so important to help those struggling with this reality to realize they can give nine months of their lives to their child, even if they may not be the lifelong mother of the child. How can people argue that a small infant, incapable of making decisions for themselves, deserves life, but just a few months earlier when in their mother’s womb, their life doesn’t deserve the same protection?

I have met many special people who need the same love and support that unborn babies deserve. God made all people in His image and likeness. Though we cannot understand why some have disabilities or why the elderly become weak and ill, it does not mean we hasten their death or rob them of an opportunity to live a full life. The idea of euthanasia runs as a parallel to abortion, allowing the killing of an innocent human, and it is a tragedy to see this considered as an option.

Life is the one unifying gift we are all granted in this world of diversity. We are the human race. A person should not have the power to dictate if this gift can be taken by abortion or euthanasia. By my decision to support pro-life, I know I might sometimes stand out and be seen as weird or different. But I see myself as a person who loves anyone and everyone. As said by Gordon B. Hinckley, “Life is precious. Life is sacred. And it ought so to be observed.” I am pro-life because I cannot justify not being this way.

Tessa Malesker
Member of St. Gerald Church, Ralston

My name is Ben Kamrath. I am a senior at Scotus Central Catholic high school in Columbus, Nebraska. I am a member of the Saint Bonaventure Catholic Church in Columbus.

For the longest time as a child and even into my early teen years, I was pro-life because that was what I was told. I always knew that the killing of innocent babies was wrong, but I never really put any thought into it. I just listened to and followed what everyone else wanted me to believe. As I have grown older, I have seen and learned much more. I have seen the true horrors of abortion and why it is wrong. I always knew that it was wrong, but I could not see why people did not believe the same thing. I have seen why some people are pro-choice and I have tried to listen to their side of the story, but it is hard to hear. Abortion does not make sense to me because it is the killing of innocent babies. These babies did absolutely nothing wrong and do not deserve to be punished for the choices of their parents. These babies deserve a chance at life.

This is one of the main reasons that I am pro-life because all people no matter background, race, religion, ethnicity, or social status deserve a chance at life. You never know which kid could be the next president of the United States, or next sports star, or missionary to Africa to help bring water the villages. All people deserve this chance at life, and no one should ever die early. When a loved one dies early or at a young age, it can take a toll of all the other people in the family. This belief of life plays into the belief of treating everyone with kindness.

Being pro-life, I think is more then just abortion. I think that it means that we believe that all lives are equal and that all people deserve respect. With this respect means that we should treat all people the same. We can not discriminate or judge because we never know who we are judging. We never fully know the situation of that person and it is unfair of us to judge. With this respect comes the fact that we should never murder someone else. Abortion is just that, the murder of unborn babies. As a catholic, I believe that life begins at conception and anything after that is murder of a fetus or a baby. I am pro-life because I think that all people should be treated equal. I believe that all people should have a chance at life no matter where they come from. All people whether young or old deserve to live. This is why I am pro-life. 

Ben Kamrath
Member of St. Bonaventure Church, Columbus