NEBRASKA Amendment for Abortion up to Birth Petition

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“DECLINE TO SIGN” – Abortion on demand up to birth

Pro-abortion forces ACLU and planned parenthood focus on Nebraska to circulate a petition to obtain signatures for pro-abortion state constitutional amendment that would invalidate existing state pro-life laws.  This evil, radical amendment would allow for legal abortions up to “fetal viability” and be subject to “health” exceptions for the mother that would allow second and third trimester abortions, based on any and all factors, with wide open interpretations legally understood to include even socio economic.

This is satanic abortion on demand up to birth in Nebraska.

Nebraska Governor James Pillen, “I’m going to fight this with every ounce of energy I’ve got.”  We all must do the same, or Nebraska will fall just as pro-life Ohio and Kansas have.

Existing Nebraska law protecting life will be invalidated including after 12 weeks, protections of parental notification for minors, required ultrasound, waiting period, informed consent, abortion pill reversal information and more.  Chemical abortion pill (mifepristone/mifeprostal) access will expand, as will surgical abortions up to birth.

 Expect lies and distortions, and a massive, well funded media push to influence Nebraska voters to first sign the evil petition and then vote by ballot for a state constitutional amendment that would cancel Nebraska pro-life laws and provide radical abortion access up to birth. 

Critical for a victory against this evil:

  • Prayer, volunteers, financial support for organizations with true pro-life Nebraska values.
  • All Nebraska Pro-Life politicians at every level should be working against this initiative;
    • make sure yours is leading the fight, throughout the coming months. 
    • If they are not outspoken in this election year, replace them! 
    • All Nebraska mayors and local city councils, boards of education, state senators, national representatives need to be outspoken and active for the duration of this campaign.  
    • If they are silent, they are complicit.  
  • Nebraskans must unite to expose the lies and to defend life from conception, threatened in this petition.
    • All of the faithful Nebraska Pro Life Organizations, fraternities, pro-life groups of any type
    • Churches, Synagogues, and all faith traditions of any denomination.
    • Anyone opposed to the killng of a child in the womb, “abortion care” or “reproductive choice” must participate in an ongoing effort to charitably evangelize the truth, and expose this great evil
  • Nebraskans everywhere should recognize this attack on children and prepare to defend life.
    • Every church ministry, prayer group, mens/womens groups; prayer, planning, information
    • Organize informational campaigns in bulletins, hand outs, events, media, websites, email
    • Evangelize with a constant, charitable witness to the sanctity of life. 
    • Every neighborhood, business, city hall, etc. 
    • Signs, bumper stickers, public forums; appeals to leaders, letters to the editor, radio call in, social media posting, “like and share”, engage in charitable conversations.
  • We must go out of our comfort zones and reach out to fellow Nebraskans with truth.  All must actively participate in this great campaign for life. 
  • We all must passionately and charitably witness to those around us, in our work place, social circles, churches, market place, colleges and universities across Nebraska.

Without these efforts, Nebraska will fall in the same way as Ohio, also a pro-life state, but deceived by media, lies, and money.  Without efforts of the faithful we will lose our pro-life majority like Virginia did, we could lose our great pro-life governor like Kentucky did.  We could become a radical abortion state very quickly, like Ohio and Kansas, even with pro-life majority populations.

Decline to sign! This petition, will circulate into the summer to attempt to obtain 10 percent of registered Nebraska voters or approx 122,000 authorized signatures, including 5% of registered voters in at least 38 of Nebraska’s 93 counties.

More updates and information from the Nebraska Catholic Conference, Nebraska Family Alliance