Bellevue Petition update, send a letter!

Bellevue Petition to close abortion facility falls short:  “From August to February, thousands of Bellevue voters signed the petition to end abortion led by We commend all signers and volunteer circulators of the petition, as well as churches, businesses and organizations who supported our efforts. Six months of door to door appeal, sidewalk tabling events, church and parish wide efforts to obtain signatures was a very powerful witness to life.  Sadly, we did not get the anticipated support from most churches, resulting in a shortage of verified signatures.  We will not be deterred and are working to pursue every means to see this ordinance have effect. Many “Christians”  chose death to the child over life in the womb. For political leaders who did not support the petition, for church pastors who refused to help, and for citizens undecided, we beg you to look at the betrayed child, murdered in Bellevue. Worldly influence and cowardice were difficult to overcome, and intimation tactics and death threats made it challenging even for those who wanted to defend “the least of these”, as Jesus taught. We pray for conversion for deceived parents, the abortionist, and those complicit in the culture of death. We continue to fight for sacred, innocent life in the womb. Where there is more faith, there is less fear.” ~ David Zebolsky, NEL president & Life Runner board member, National story

Consider writing a letter of appeal, especially if you are a resident of Bellevue, like the one below.  Keep your appeal charitable, short, respectful.

Bellevue City Council, 1500 Wall St, Bellevue, Nebraska  68005, 402-293-3000

Dear Bellevue Mayor Rusty Hike and Bellevue City Council:

We beg you to consider the voice 4,600 Bellevue residents who want an abortion ban in our city.  Volunteer petition circulators and signers were regularly threatened and intimidated, at times with police involvement on their behalf. Many were reluctant to sign or circulate a petition because of this.  Bellevue residents who signed the petition are from every background, race, creed, and neighborhood. We ask you to place this issue on the ballot for the citizens to decide, as the citizenry should be free from adverse influence. 

We want Bellevue to be a community that respects sacred human life from conception, free of the deadly activity of the abortion center at 1002 E Mission Ave. The pro-abortion side has had their way for decades in Bellevue, but this is not what the citizens want.  The safest place for a Bellevue baby should be in her mothers womb.  We need to end this holocaust of killing once and for all, as eight other cities in Nebraska have done, even without a petition. We do not want Bellevue to be a destination city for abortion, we want it to be a sanctuary for life. We believe the majority of Bellevue residents want to make our city abortion free. According to the Nebraska Department of Human Services, most abortions happen in Bellevue, that has even become

Please let the citizens of Bellevue decide on the ballot.

Thank you for your public service,

David Zebolsky, Executive Director, Nebraskans Embracing Life (402) 399-0299,

Contact information for your Bellevue City Council here