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Gianna Molla Circle Membership

In honor of pro-life doctor and mother, St. Gianna Molla, members of this circle commit to generously supporting the pro-life work we do with a donation totaling more than $100/year.









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Nebraskans Embracing Life welcomes you to partner with God by filling every hour of every day with prayer to awaken hearts, minds, and protect our organization. You can commit to as little as a 15-minute interval per day, week, or even month. Take as many or as few time slots as you want.

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We are approaching our politicians about taking a pro-life stance on legislation. By signing up for Engage, you will receive emails with opportunities to actively reach out to our representatives. The only way to change laws that attack the innocent and defenseless is to personally take part in political activism!


We have so many opportunities to volunteer on a regular basis as well as chances to serve on one of our committees. Contact us to find out more!