Our History

Our Past Helps Our Future Take Shape.

        Our organization was officially founded in 1973 as Metro Right to Life after Roe V. Wade legalized abortion. A few years prior to the Supreme Court decision, Metro Right to Life had been preparing for abortion to come to Nebraska as surrounding states were passing abortion laws. A dozen professionals, including Dr. Joseph McCaslin, Attorney Larry Welsh, Diane Quine (future founder of EPS), Judy Yacio, Ann Marie Bowen and several others, were instrumental in the organization’s development. Doctors, Nurses, Mothers and Fathers all came together to protect the innocent. After becoming an official nonprofit in March of 1973, Metro Right to Life became connected with the National Right to Life and began hosting speakers, putting on educational displays, engaging politicians, and publicly protesting abortion. We became known for sponsoring marches, bringing in speakers, and working actively in legislation.

Our Partners Help Our Mission Succeed.

          Participating in the Nebraska Coalition for Life for many years, we had the opportunity to work with organizations like Fremont Right to Life, Council Bluffs Right to Life, Nebraska Catholic Conference, Pro-Life Association of Nurses, National Embryonic Lawyers for Life, Knights of Columbus, Bellevue Right to Life, United Family Services, Physicians for Life, Feminists for Life, Essential Pregnancy Services, Project Rachel, Democrats for Life, and so many others. Branching off from the National Right to Life and the various chapters of Metro Right to Life to form Nebraskans United for Life, many annual events began to take shape. Past events we are best known for hosting include 40 Days for Life, participating in Life Chain, the Omaha World Herald Mother’s Day Ad, and the Celebration of Life Dinner as well as sending a group to Washington D.C. every year for the March for Life. During our time defending life in Nebraska, we have seen a positive shift in the culture that we believe will one day lead to abortion becoming unnecessary, unthinkable, and illegal.