Upcoming Pro-Life Events

April 24, Abortion Dialogue Academy presentation, 11:30a -12:30pm – St. Stephen the Martyr Church– Omaha, register https://www.abortiondialogueacademy.org/

April 24 Divine Mercy Sunday, Christ the King Church, 854 S 86 St, 2P-5P, Holy Mass at 5pm with Archbishop Curtiss https://nebraskansembracinglife.org/2022/04/03/divine-mercy-sunday-april-24/

April 30 Berkshire Hathaway protest at shareholders meeting in Omaha, CHI Center, 6a – 8a, signs available at main entrance on west side curb of arena

April 30, Abortion Dialogue Academy presentation, 10:00-11:00am – St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church- Omaha, register http://www.AbortionDialogueAcademy.org

May 7 Cinco de Mayo Parade with Mobile PRC, line up 23rd and F St, in Omaha, (8:30a – 10:30a) with our Mobile Pregnancy Resource Center; walk for life with our PRC distributing thousands of pro-life cards. 402-399-0299  We need volunteers!  You can save a life at the Cinco de Mayo Parade!

May 8, Happy Mothers Day!

May 10 Vote for Life!  100 pct Pro-Life Candidates http://www.NELACTION.org

May 14th, 12:00-1:00pm, Abortion Dialogue Academy Fundraiser– St. Leo’s – Omaha, register http://www.AbortionDialogueAcademy.org

-Did you miss our 48th Annual Celebration of Life on January 28th with Steven Mosher or his lecture on January 27?  Watch the LIFEstream replay here https://nebraskansembracinglife.org/lifestream/, Steven Mosher lecture in Omaha, https://nebraskansembracinglife.org/2022/03/04/the-war-on-people/

NEBRASKANS Embracing Life always needs volunteers to help with various teams. Our volunteers save lives!  You really can save a life today! 

Please contact us if you have a heart to defend life with us in any of these areas:

Education:  Maintain network of pro life teams at the church and parish level.  Organize educational booths at church festivals, community events, more.  Promote pro life education to the community.  

First Saturday Pro-Life Action Team:  Peaceful public witness to life in your church with your pastor; coordinate outreach with churches.

Youth Outreach:  Support network of youth in schools and churches, helping them with resources and information to evangelize the life issues.

Minority Outreach:  Develop business, community, and church contacts to reach exploited minorities with the truth about all of the life issues.

Mobile RV Ultrasound Pregancy Resource Center:  Drivers, sonographers, counselors always needed!

Political Outreach:  Find and support faithful pro life, pro family politicians and their legislation with Nebraskans Embracing Life ACTION, 501c4

Media:  Newsletter, email, social media, and web site development.

Spiritual Events:  Organize year round prayer events such as 40 Days for Life, Life Chain, National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, Christmas Caroling at the manger, Good Friday Stations of the Cross, more.

143 S 38 St., Omaha, Nebraska, 68131

402-399-0299, engage@nebraskansembracinglife.org